Email Update

Fixed the mail log in so you no longer have to go to a different page.
Just click and log in.

If you would like a email address, please contact us.
I wouldn’t use it as a primary email but it’s a bit of fun, innit? :D

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Jings, Crivens, Help ma Boab

Been over a year since I updated?
Jees-o, that’s not on!

Now I’ve moved hosts for all my sites, I tend to start using them properly again.
They’ve atrophied something fierce.
Well I intend to reinvigorate my sites.

There is still a lot of updating on the go.

Auld Comics was the first one for the update as that’s my most used site.
I used to use Hosting24 for my hosting on it and it got to the stage I couldn’t log into my own site from 9pm onwards of a night.
That’s what spurred me to changed hosts to Hostgator.
Han NO issues thus far.
So Auld-Comics is back in business……

Next up is
I’m not entirely sure what to do with it yet to be totally honest!
I’ve stripped it back and am working back end to tidy it up.
It was all a bit cluttered.
I’ll probably just use it as a blog for random thoughts but who knows……..

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Well, winter is upon us……

Almost time to hang up the golf clubs already. Can’te believe it.
Golf has been talking up a lot of my time and I’m more than a little scunnered that my time on the course will be limited to the freak days where it is not pouring rain or snowing.
On the plus side, my pool game should improve!

Think the colder darker nights will also usher in the return of the Friday night poker game.
While getting out during the lighter nights is preferable, I still miss the Friday night cards.

On another note, it’s also a chance to get back into my gaming.
Both playing and creating.
I have PS3 with a vaslty under played game reservoir and I must have 10-15 titles on steam that I grabbed during the sales that really need thrashed.

On the game creation front, I have compiled a list of maybes.
Myself and a mate want to team up on a retro remake so it’s just a matter of settling on one.
I’ll also probably start a solo project.
For some perverse reason, I fancy remaking one of my own remakes to make it a bit better.
Thinking perhaps Finders Keepers or Hunchback.
Who konws……..

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Where does the time go?

Right, was it not just Christmas a few minutes ago?
I swear we are in some sort of time warp because we’re almost at the half way mark for the year already!
One day at work melds into the next and the precious free week ends evaporate like a nomad pissing in the desert.

Anyway, the upside is that “summertime” is here.

Most people would be happy with that but good old Scottish summer doesn’t fail to disappoint.
Torrential rain on the first official day of summer with no sign of letting up all week.

Stop girning tho Scottige, silver lining.

While golf is off the table, there’s plenty enforced caprivity to allow catchin up on recorded telly and tinker with my game making pass time.
Oh and also have time to post pointless random pish like this! :D

Hey, it’s a blog after all!

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Righty-ho. Tweaked the siteĀ  a little.

As it’s still in it’s infancy it will no doubt change a lot.
The main change I’ve made today is added a mod to auto filter the posts into categories.
The post will still appear on the main page but will also be listed chronologically in the catagory pages for easy browsing if someone is interested in browsing specific categories without having to go through every post.

The forum has also been reinstalled and hopefully anti spammed.
Last one was up a couple of days and the spammers got passed the protection.
Double locked it down and hopefully made it very difficult for spammers to get by now.

Almost got it to a place where I like it so hopefully start posting some other things rather than updates on how I’ve updated the site!

Well, I’ve been working on my sites for the last few nights so I reckon I’ve earned a couple of episodes of……….

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So, this PC gaming lark then…….

………….not something I’ve been into much in the grand scheme of things, just the odd we game of something here and there but recently however, I’ve started to get into it.

I used to be a console only chap who jumped straight from the Amiga/ST straight into console gaming, playing the occasional PC title that wasn’t a retro remake.

I’ve recently invested a few quid in steam games.
Trine and Super Meatboy being 2 or the most recent.
I am starting to amass a no bad collection which I’m starting to add to quite often what with all the special offers on steam.
You really should keep an eye out as you get some silly deals.

Anyway, the point of the tale is that I’ve bypassed some really splendid games due to my console joypad dependence and fear of PC controls.
Now those afflictions have been conquered, I’m playing gems I’d have otherwise missed.

So, if like me you have ignored PC gaming “just because”, and you have any sort of love of gaming, get steam.
Get a few quid on standby and keep an eye out for those offers and the belters that the full price tag is worth paying for.

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Damned Gasman!

Well, seeing as my gas boiler is on the fritz, I had to take a day off work to wait for the gas man, who incidentally has not turned up yet.

With the extra time on my hand’s, I’ve continued to build the site.
Added a games section to link to games I enjoy playing and want to share with the world :D .
First up is Braid so take a hop over to the games page and have a gander.

Also added a bar to the right with my other online identities.
Facebook, twitter, steam etc……….

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Spit and Polish

Well, I’m continuing to shine the site and tweak it here and there.

Today, I revamped my pages into some sort of order.
I’ve future proofed my funnies, retro and music pages by building a structure where I have the main page for new posts and archive pages so that the pages don’t become browser crashingly large.

Take a peek to the right and you’ll also see my criminally under used twitter feed.
I keep forgetting I have the bloody thing so have decided to start using it again and made the feed available here.

Last but not least, I’ve decided to place a link to a game I’m liking at any particular point of time.
Just to share the love a little for wee gems you may have missed, blockbusters I’m enjoying ( I’ll have a P please bob – Ed ) or shameless pimpage of my own titles.

Site still in it’s infancy but coming along quite nicely I think.

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Getting There…….

Well, as the title suggests, we’re getting there.

Starting to form something I can call a site which is basically a blog for yours truly and a collection of things be it songs on youtube, funnies I’ve found, things I’ve found on the street or simply my need to get the junk out of my Budweiser addled brain out onto the internet.

I’ve started adding links to my other “specialist” sites if ya can call them that. Mainly my games site and soon to be relaunched comic site.
I’ve also linked to friends of Scottige.
Sites that my mates maintain or sites I am interested and active in.

For the crack, here’s a picture of Jetset Willy!


Jetset Willy

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Welcome to

Welcome random person who’s stumbled upon my site.

Not even quite sure what I’ll put on here yet but here we are, my shiney new site!
I have several sites that I’ll link in together over the coming weeks.
Main thing just now was to get the software installed and get it all going.

To be continued………………..

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