X-Com 2012

Gotta love Zero punctuation.

Fallout 3

Well, this is the game that’s been taking up most of my gaming time these days.
It’s the first time a game’s gripped me in a while.

Normally I get a game, fire it on for a few shots, get mildly entertained and then bin it.
Oblivion fell into that catagory, Mass Effect lasted a little longer but ultimately fell by the wayside too.
I’ll come back to Mass Effect but that’s a different post.

I reckon the reason this one gripped me is that it does the free form thing quite well but not to the point of leaving you standing in a field off the beaten path in the middle of nowhere scratching your head.
That’s not to say you can’t wander off and get lost, that can happen but it tends to nudge you in the right direction more than Oblivion did and this next point is all about personal taste but the gun element is very entertaining and blowing off a ghoul’s head from a few hundred yards is more satisfying than the sword and sorcery thing.

I know, I’ve taken the easy way out and went the “compare to Oblivion” route.

The post apocalyptic scenario is a nice change from the usual fantasy kingdom route most games go.
Even though it is part of an established series and the theme is already set, you can play this one on it’s own merits as I have done with my previous experience being a fleeting game of Fallout 2 back in the day.

Also a nice mechanic of the game is the morality system.
While this is tried and tested and doesn’t affect the game as much as it likes to think it does, it often leads to amusing dialogue choices and does give it some replay value if you want to play it through first as a good guy for example and do things the long way, then play it through as a total bastard shooting and stealing your way through the game.

Well, I’m rambling now and this aint meant to be a review, just a babble for my blog.
Before I go over the edge of famboyism, I’ll rap it up.

Closing thoughts, I’m getting right into this and I recommend it.


A lovely little platform puzzle game that’s been about for some time now.
The aim of the game is to collect all the jigsaw pieces scattered around the “worlds” to allow you to progress to the next.

The twist is that each level has a different time mechanic to master to help you from rewinding time to slowing time down and items that are not affected by the mechanics at all.

Available on Steam and Xbox 360.

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