Pc Gaming

I’ve recently got right into my pc Gaming again.
So much so, I’ve went temporarily insane and bought myself a gforce 980 ti 6 gig.
Broke the bank but worth it.
My old card was starting to struggle on high settings.

I sorta wandered off from pc Gaming,  mostly due to golf and some pretty smashing ps4 exclusives.
But while the ps4 is a great machine,  a lot of the games are out on pc too so if there’s a choice,  the pc is gonna win every time even though the pc sometimes gets horrendous ports.
See my batman post on Girny Gamer for context.

Anywhoos,  loving pc Gaming at the moment.
Just finished Rise of the Tomb Raider and currently working on pc exclusive, xcom 2.
Got dark souls 3 pre ordered so got until April to pass xcom 2.
Better get my finger out.

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Girny Gamer

Why don’t you give one of my sister sites,  Girny Gamer a look!

Mine and a few like minded girny gamers giving our opinions or just downright ranting on aspects of the gaming world!

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Is this thing on?

Testing,  testing,  123……..

Really should start using this blog again. …..

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December 2012?


That’s the last time I updated this blog?

Just trying out the WordPress app on my phone while watching Canada master chef.
Need to get back into the whole online thing.

Next post will be my thoughts on Elder Scrolls online early access. …..

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Festive Pimpage

Back to this game making lark.
Actually getting into it again.

First android game out on the market and second one well on its way.

Head over to my game site and check out ten minutes to Christmas on android.

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Its a me, Mario!

Well, got my mitts on a Wii U and the initial verdict is………..thumbs up!

The 2 games I got were Mario U and ZombiU.

Not played Zombi much yet as I’ve been getting stuck into Mario.
It feels more like a throwback to Mario world on the snes with the world map, secret areas to be found and a ramped up difficulty level that has been sadly lacking in modern Mario titles.
Quite simply pure platform fun.

First impressions of zombi is I reckon it’s gonna be a keeper.
Graphics are pretty good but nothing that will blow your skirt up.
The use of the game pad as your map and inventory screen adds an interesting dimension, especially when you hand to use it as a scanner.

The Wii U is obviously still a newborn and the main word I’d use to describe it is potential.
Happy with the purchase and I can’t wait until developers get their teeth right into it.
Metroid and Zelda first party titles could be amazing!

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Call the BAU

Been watching a lot of criminal minds episodes recently.
Really good program, currently in its eighth season.

If you’ve not heard of it, it’s about a group of FBI agents who profile serial killers behavior to help catch them.
Pretty grim content but compelling viewing.

I’m currently off to stick season four episode one on!

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Been working on my as yet untitled Christmas game for android.
Got the basics of a platform engine up and running.
Gonna need some tweaking but you can move, fall and jump.
Once I get to level building proper I’ll refine it and add features as required.

I’ll try and upload a picture from this android app.
Hopefully it appears below.


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Back on the horse

Finally got back to the keyboard and opened multimedia fusion 2 tonight. Actually really enjoyed it.
First time I’ve coded anything in ages.
Wee Christmas game coming along quite nicely.
Got a wee Santa sprite stoatin aboot and a semi decent snow effect going.
The snow could use a bit of tweaking however but for a couple of hours work, I’m happy with what I have so far.

Anyway, now is red dwarf time…..

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Rise of the machines

Tying oot the WordPress app on my phone for remote updates. This could be dangerous as it may encourage drunk posting as I won’t need to be at a pc. Testing, testing, 1 2 3….

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